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Cavern Tour

Join us for a cavern tour.

There are 245 steps into (and out again!!!) please take this into account

About Our Tours............

The tour of the cavern commences with the descent of a short flight of steps through a man made passageway some fifteen yards in length, and from the foot of this stairway visitors pass at once into the beginning of the natural caverns. From this point on the awe-inspiring majesty of the Caverns can be appreciated.

Bull Beef A working which has produced some of the very best and largest pieces of Blue John Stone ever mined. This variety of Blue John is known as "Bull Beef". because of its is likening to raw beef.

The Grand Crystallised Cavern Is dome shaped and lofty with mineral colourings and markings which resemble a tree trunk sawn across.

The Waterfall Cavern The whole left hand side of the cavern is covered in stalagmitic formations looking like a frozen waterfall. The high roof is richly coloured with iron oxide deposits.

The Stalactite Cavern The Stalactite Cavern shows the meandering course that the underground river took. The roof resembles a riverbed upside down, a fringe of stalactites can clearly be seen.

Lord Mulgrave's Dining Room Formed when two underground rivers met forming a whirlpool which then created its circular shape. It's named Lord Mulgraves Dining room because it said his Lordship entertained a group of miners to a dinner of some sort.

The Variegated Cavern The last of Caverns shown to the public. It is majestic and somewhat awe-inspiring being 200 feet High. Its name given because of the variety of markings on the walls and in the roof.


Admission is payable at the Cavern on the day, we do not sell tickets on-line therefore admission is very much on a first come first served basis

For larger parties of over 15 members - please contact us beforehand 01433 620638

Children of all ages are welcome, we recommend that babes in arms be carried using a child sling/carrier 

Each tour takes between 50 minutes to 1 hour, at present waiting times could be between 20mins to 40 mins

Opening Time 9.30am (first tour 10:00am) Last Tour 15:00 Daily Winter hours

Dogs on a lead are welcome  (please be a responsible owner and pick up after your dog)

Free car and coach parking available close to cavern

Family Tickets available 

FOOTWEAR with good tread recommended when visiting this attraction

***PLEASE NOTE*** The Cavern is NOT suitable for people with heart conditions, breathing or mobility problems as there are many many steps and slopes within the cavern

(please see admissions page for pricing)