Cavern Tours

The Blue John Cavern is a walk through informative guided tour, sharing with you the wonders
of this natural and unique stone within the cave system, which lasts approximately 45 minutes to
1 hour, dependent on tour group size.
The first tour leaves at approximately 10:00 am and the last tour at 3:00pm. Tours are conducted
at 20-30 minute intervals right throughout the day.

There are 245 steps within the cavern, not all in one go but the most in one flight is 96 so it is
therefore not accessible to wheelchairs, prams or buggies. Anyone with respiratory problems or
heart conditions should also be very mindful of this!
Please be aware that the steps themselves can be a little bit narrow and a little uneven and damp
underfoot (weather dependent), although there is a supporting handrail to help you along.
Carrying babes in arms is not allowed due to health and safety regulations. If you are bringing
babies with you on the tour, a front sling or rucksack style carrier is required.

There are no height or age limit restrictions as to who can go on the cavern tours, so therefore it
is really for you decide whether or not you feel the cavern to be suitable for the children coming
with you
Please be mindful and accepting of your guides advice at all times

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